Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an NVQ & QCF?

 An NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification, also known as QCF - Quality Credit Framework. They are work based awards that are achieved through assessment and training.

 Q. What is the Apprenticeship/NVQ worth to me?

 An NVQ level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSE's and an NVQ Level 3 is equivalent to 2 A-Levels. NVQ's are an excellent way of furthering professional development in the workplace.

 Q. How long does it take?

 Delivery of Apprenticeships  can take up to 12 months, however, can be completed over 9-10 months.

 Normally NVQ's at Level 2 are delivered over 5 to 6 months and NVQ's at Level 3 are delivered over 6 to 8 months. These timescales are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the individuals.

 Q. What are the benefits to completing an Apprenticeship of NVQ?

 It provides an opportunity to focus on your own personal and career development. You will be achieving a nationally-recognised professional qualification which will enhance your career development and meet future job specifications.

 You will achieve a qualification which you can take with you to any organisation.

 These qualifications will give you an understanding of how and why you do specific activities within your job role. It will also give you the opportunity to gain new skills and develop professionally.  You will have an opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised qualification whilst at work improving your own personal effectiveness and that of the organisation, developing and cultivating talent. It provides an opportunity to focus on your own personal and career development.

 Q. What is the benefit to the employer?

 }  Minimum disruption to the candidate’s work role and to your organisation

}  95% (Nat Ave 71%) candidate success rates, well above the national average

}  95% (Nat Ave 57%) timely completions, well above the national average

}  Staff feel more motivated and attrition levels are reduced

}  Supports new starters within the organisation in their induction programmes

}  Excellent learning tool to support their individual personal development plans

}  Enables a company to readily identify the ‘talent pool’ within their organisation

}  Consistent educational attainment for all staff of any age